Friday, July 22, 2011

As Anticipated

I'm happy to report that Carol Taylor's free-cut workshop was as enjoyable as anticipated.  A day with a pile of favorite fabrics and no templates--how could it not be great?
My somber group of fabrics, with dashes of yellow-green and school bus yellow thrown in, got the nod.  Here is what is up on my design wall now:
I'm auditioning values and waiting for inspiration on the inner border before thinking about where it might go from here.  Stay tuned.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Exciting Prospect

Carol Taylor, a marvelous contemporary quiltmaker, is the guest speaker/teacher at our guild this week. I'm signed up to participate in her Circles workshop on Wednesday, and I'm very much looking forward to it.  It will be interesting and exciting to hear what she has to say about design process; and it will be such fun to spend a day sewing without a fixed purpose for the sewn product.  That last part is what comes of sewing, for months, quilts intended for  a book.  As rewarding as that is, there's nothing like "aimless" cutting and stitching.  So, I'm more than ready to wake up Wednesday morning with the prospect of a day devoted to freely playing with color and pattern and learning a fresh approach or approaches to my favorite geometric shape, the circle.  
Here are the fabric arrays I've gathered (with a day still to go and, as always, reserving the right to change my mind for any or no reason):
This is the somber one.  I love the grays and blacks and grayed purples with an odd orange handdye thrown in for a spark.
Here's the other.  Predominantly swimming pool blue and deeper values of swimming pool blue.  It's in the upper 90's and humid here.  Has been for well over a week with no cool front on the horizon.  Wonder why I'm drawn to that lagoony blue.....  Not just in this fabric bundle, either.  I just got home from the paint store with lagoony blue chips to consider for our dining room wall, which currently is red.  How do you suppose I'll feel about that lovely cool color when the season has changed?
Stay cool.  Don't change major wall colors during extreme weather--tantamount to grocery shopping while famished.
Looking forward to Wednesday.