Monday, December 6, 2010

Ukulele Fever

My sweetheart loves to play the ukulele and sing.

The picture of a happy man.  Our friend Brownie took it.  

This weekend we watched a documentary called, The Mighty Uke, about ukuleles and people who love to play them.  It is delightful and infectious, says the person who up 'til now has managed to be fairly immune to the ukulele bug.  

The closest I've come to catching the fever was to make a tile quilt of Carlos playing his uke and singing.  

Looks just like him, doesn't it?  It's titled Carlos and Some of His Favorite Things, which include, in addition to his ukulele, a gigantic trout he's dreaming of catching, a Vespa button on his collar, a photo of a long-gone dog, and on the table a photo of me with the current crop of mutts.  

I fused the tile pieces on a blue batik background, which extends a couple of inches beyond the tiles to form a border.  Then I secured the raw edges of the fused tile pieces with a machine blanket stitch.  By blanket stitching through all three layers, the top, batt, and back, I accomplished the quilting and raw-edge securing in one step.  Sweet.

Happy strumming.

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Just got here from Deb's blog! I love this quilt you made for your husband. It is like a scrap book of quilted memories.