Monday, January 10, 2011

Spotlight on Wendy Turnbull

Bobbi and I are lucky to have a lot of talented friends who became interested in tile quilts as we were working on Tile Quilt Revival.  The gallery of contemporary tile quilts we included in the book is filled with the wonderful quilts they made. 

Wendy Turnbull contributed this lush depiction of summertime to the gallery: 

Before Wendy began this quilt I knew several things about her--that she is an accomplished appliquer and that she has a grand affinity for crows and ravens.  So, I was not surprised she was interested in appliqueing a tile quilt, and, when she showed me the line drawing she was working on as the pattern for a tile quilt, I wasn't surprised that it included a crow's image.  She chose a dark plum background fabric and warm, rich fabrics for the tiles.  I think it's just a gorgeous quilt.  

And then, she expanded on her initial idea and launched a series she's called, A Bird for All Seasons: The Crow in Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.  Here are the other three seasons, each as beautifully evocative in its way as the summer quilt:

In each, her drawing and choice of fabrics tell the story.  Thanks, Wendy, for sharing.

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  1. A great post about Wendy and her tiled crow quilts! Kathe