Thursday, February 24, 2011

Collage + Cloth = Quilt

Want to make your eyes happy?  Well then, here's the website for you:  

Judi teaches and has written a wonderful book, Collage + Cloth = Quilt, about her technique for designing quilts from collages of personal photos.  A haiku by Claudia Alldredge, one of Judi's students, says it very well:
Favorite photos
Fractured into a collage
Blueprint for a quilt
The quilts Judi has designed and made based on photo collages are truly breathtaking, and you can see many of them on her website.  

Lucky, lucky me--I am one of the quiltmakers who has had the opportunity to learn Judi's design strategy from her.  Here is my quilt, Water Ways, designed from a collage of photos of water plants, reflections, and a stone wall:

You can see from these details that Water Ways is machine-pieced with just a couple of incidental hand-stitched details and machine-quilted:

And if you want to do a little shopping after feasting your eyes on Judi's quilts, also featured on the new website are Judi's delightful stitched paper quilts.  I'm very happy to say that one of the paper quilts, the Patron Saint of Seamstresses, graces my studio.  Now that I've seen her on the new website, I'm longing to have Gertrude here, too....  

Welcome to the web, Judi.

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