Thursday, June 2, 2011

Atlasta Hasselblad

So, here is the perfectly sized and detailed Hasselblad crocheted by Nadra Dangerfield for John Gary Brown:

It's awesome from every angle:

Who needs to understand the impetus when the product is so engaging?

And something else delightful--an illustrated edition of The Elements of Style!  Not just any illustrations, but illustrations by Maira Kalman.  She is a visual columnist for The New York Times and writes the blog, And the Pursuit of Happiness.  She has such an interesting and quirky way of looking at the world--her Illustration for The Elements of Style's Table of Contents is a watermelon pink package tied with string...

I came across the wonderful little volume while sorting books at lunchtime today.  The Friends of our local public library twice a year conducts a grand sale of donated books.  Proceeds, of course, benefit the library.  I help in a tiny way by sorting books into sale categories.  It's always a joy to come across something unknown or unexpected, and it certainly was a joy today to find, of all things, the classic style manual with charming illustrations.

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