Monday, October 10, 2011


The Douglas County AIDS Project's annual fundraising art auction is coming up.  Last year a small group of us made and donated Vuvuzela:
This year we've gone in quite a different direction.  A member of our quilt guild inspired us when she showed an antique silk quilt that has been in her family and on which she'd been doing some conservation work. We slightly modified the pattern of the antique quilt and stitched blocks using primarily remnants from a tie maker.  We unified the composition by using a dark red, changeable silk in two corners of each block.  The quilting is machine herringbone stitch on major seam lines.  Here's the happy result:
We hope it makes a fortune for a very worthy non-profit organization.

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  1. Just came over from Deb's post. I love both of these quilts. You all out there in Douglas county are very talented group of quilters!
    I am sure this one will raise lot of money.