Monday, November 14, 2011

Another UFO Moved to the FO Column

The Finishing March plays on; a post-manuscript-completing urge to complete something else.  Namely quilt tops from the Past.  This time the top was made in 1998....  Or, at least, as close as I can figure, it was 1998.  And I may have this story totally tangled, but, as I remember it, here's how it came about:  Judi Blaydon, a literary enthusiast, issued a challenge to retreat goers. Use a passage Judi chose from The War of the Roses, a novel by Warren Adler, as the creative springboard for a quilt.  
Doing lots of fusing I made a small top, displayed it along with other challenge results at the retreat, and then put it away.  But, when I came across it recently, I was happy to see it again and thought it deserved to be quilted.  
I especially liked the positive/negative thorns.
And the yellow-green/green-blue/red combo holds up.  
Another FO for our guild's mini-quilt auction, April 2012.  Yea!

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