Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perpetual Projects

Being involved in a couple of small stitch groups that meet at least weekly, I like to have a long-term hand sewing project to carry around and keep me occupied.  Emphasis on long-term--a perpetual project, one that will keep me occupied for many, many, many months and during that span of time will be ready to grab as I head out the door.  So it was with some regret, but mostly with real satisfaction, that I recently completed a perpetual project.

I used a traditional applique pattern, Hickory Leaf, very slightly modified from Barbara Brackman's book, America's Printed Fabrics, 1770-1890.  Here is Barbara's version, which uses large-scale reproduction prints on neutral background: 

I love that quilt.

Here's what I did with contemporary prints:

Bad photo of a quilt that is too large to light well and too large to fit flat on my design wall...  The color shows better in these details:

It's festive.  Kris Barlow did a terrific job of machine-quilting it.  I love the way it looks on a (queen-size) bed:

Next time--a preview of the new perpetual project.

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