Thursday, October 14, 2010

Terrific Lincoln trip

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop and giving a talk on tile quilts for the Lincoln (NE) Quilters Guild this past Sunday and Monday.

Workshop participants made a tile quilt block from their choice of several patterns that I supplied or from a drawing of their own.  Here's a photo of one of the original designs...

All the tile pieces are arranged on the gold background fabric, ready to be basted.

Another original design included a heart and used the table runner from a niece's wedding for background fabric.  It's already stitched and ready to be quilted.

I always love to see stitchers using exciting background fabrics, which in the tile applique process become visually interesting grout lines.  The maker of this block chose jazzy fabrics for both tiles and grout.  I hope she sends me a photo of the completed block--I'll bet it's going to be glorious.  

Monday during the day I visited the International Quilt Study Center, a truly great destination.  A member of the Lincoln Quilters Guild, who volunteers at IQSC, gave me the best tour of the current exhibits.  She really brought the quilts from South Asia to life for me.

And Monday evening at the guild meeting, I saw some wonderful quilts and met interesting people.  I've got my fingers crossed that several folks who thought they might be able to unearth information about a tile quilt with a possible Nebraska connection are able to do so.  That would be so exciting.....

Stay tuned.

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