Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Heck of a Collaborative Quilt

An ad hoc group of stitchers, calling itself by the memorable name, City Sewers, got together on a Sunday afternoon earlier this fall to make a quilt.  Our intent was to donate the quilt to the art auction that raises money for our local Douglas County AIDS Project (DCAP).  Which meant we were aiming to be more arty than traditional.

Georgann Eglinski established our palette by contributing a couple of beautiful fabrics.  I added to our fabrics and cut squares and rectangles in several sizes.  Then when the group, which also included Linda Frost, Deb Rowden, Kathe Dougherty, Barbara Brackman, and Jerrye VanLeer, got together, we stacked like sizes and shapes face up to rotary-cut freehand.  

Intuitive piecing is what Linda called the process of joining our free-cut pieces.  She also provided the name for our quilt, Vuvuzela, by making a block with the shape of that instrument of torture.  In her wonderful machine-quilting, Kris Barlow created sound waves emanating from the vuvuzela.  

Here's our finished quilt--

We hope its sale contributes a nice amount to DCAP's coffers.  

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